MediRegs includes MHRA Licensed Wholesale numbers in search results

Wikipedia describes ‘Software as a Service’ “SaaS” a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

SaaS applications have many advantages over traditionally delivered software including; Cost, Platform independence, Scalability / integration, and of course ‘New releases/upgrades’.

MediRegs has been developed to be a ‘customer led’ application. That is to say that the future roadmap for development will largely depend upon what it is the customer’s need. I’ll give you an example;

Last week one of our customers asked if there was a way to search based on WDA Licence Holders, rather than WDA Site IDs. Up until this point we had only listed individual sites, rather than the licence-holding parent company. However with a small amend to the database we were able to include the ability to search the WDA, or WDA(H), into the Supply Chain search page.

MediRegs users will now see that the search field lists:

  • Licence Number
  • Site Number
  • Site Name
  • Postcode

As the standard options inside the MHRA Wholesalers / Distributors search tab. So, for example, if you were to enter “41713” then you’d see results from the parent Licence Holder (in this case Pearl Chemist Ltd), as well as any individual Sites and licenses each of these sites held. Then simply click “Add” to view more info and include them as part of your Supply Chain.

Of course because MediRegs is centrally hosted, this change was instantly applied to the accounts of all other subscribers, and at no extra cost.

If you’re using MediRegs and you have an idea for an upgrade that will improve the system for the whole community, then please get in touch:

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